Your Bulbd Neon sign will arrive with a couple extra things to get your sign mounted and powered!

All of our signs are tested prior to delivery to ensure you receive a sign that is ready to go. Your sign is created using a clear or coloured acrylic backing board with LED matching your selected colour/s. There is a slim transparent 2-meter-long cable attached to your sign which connects to a power supply to power your sign. Predrilled mounting-holes in the acrylic backing are also provided to make hanging or mounting your sign that little bit easier!

A 12V power supply is also provided with an Australian plug. Based on the size and overall requirements of your sign, you may receive 2 power supplies to power your sign safely and effectively! This will be mentioned during the design and quotation process so don’t worry.

Finally, every Bulbd Neon sign comes with a remote-control/ dimmer and mounting screws to hang your sign – all you need are the batteries for the remote!

We offer a range of 21 colour options for you to design a perfect LED neon sign! We want to highlight that depending on the camera and the light, the colour will vary slightly in appearance based on the lighting surrounding the sign. Depending on your need and where you plan to hang your sign, we will help you choose the perfect colour for your sign.

We offer 2 types of LED tubing: 

White Jacket – When the sign is turned off the tubing appears white and the colour is a bit paler when turned onColoured Jacket – When the sign is turned off the tubes are still coloured, and the colour is more intense when turned on

Here is a chart to show you the colours both on and off, and with or without a jacket.

Thanks for requesting a quote. You will receive a quote with a mockup within 1 - 2 Business days. Please note, sometimes our emails are filtered to junk/spam folders. Please make sure to look for our email there.

All of our signs are made from advanced LED flex. Our LED flex is made with PVC and acrylic, whilst being powered by LED lighting. The LED’s are encased in the PVC tubing and then mounted securely to the acrylic backing.

Our LED flex neon materials are high quality, cost-effective, durable, energy efficient, and safer than the traditional glass neon products. They also provide an incredible visual glow that is comparable, if not better, than traditional glass neon signage.

We offer an extensive and great range of fonts including basic (block) fonts, script fonts and multi lined fonts. We can work with almost any font! Fonts using monoline (equal width) are highly preferred and often look the best due to the shape of the LED neon flex which is used.

If we do not have a font you would like to use, please let us know and we can find it!

Hanging your new neon light is a simple process, no different to hanging a picture frame! Our neon signs generally weigh on average between 3-7kg and come with pre-drilled holes in the acrylic backing to make your life easy. We also provide a wall mounting kit which contains advertising standoff screws. If you wish to hang your sign, we recommend using heavy duty wire or strong wire with secure knotting.

Before you get started, here are a few things to note:

Most Neon signs are fairly lightweight and weigh between 3kgs – 7kgs. However, we recommend always having 2-3 people to support the neon sign whilst installing to ensure it doesn’t fall! To operate, the Neon sign then needs to be plugged into a standard power outlet. Please ensure the Neon sign is unplugged before you install it.Please note, waterproof boxes are designed for permanent fixture and not designed to be moved often.

We also offer acrylic stands (free standing) and clear acrylic boxes for your sign.

Our LED neon sign range plug into a power socket and require a 12v power supply.

Our signs come with a 1-2 metre transparent cord which plugs into a UL certified AC adapter. The adapter has an additional 1-2 metres of black cable that plugs into the socket. All of our Australian customers receive a 12V Australian standard power plug. A free remote also comes with your sign.

Because out signs are handmade, there are sometimes small marks on the acrylic or glue marks where the PVC tube has been attached to the acrylic. In the rare instance that the marks are evident they are always minor and not visible when the sign is turned on.

Bulbd Neon products include a 12 month warranty which covers electrical components when used appropriately. Resolution for faulty signs will be dependent on the source of the fault and will be determined between Bulbd Neon and the purchaser.

For outdoor products, the warranty is for a 4 month period. For faulty signs, we’ll either replace the product or provide a refund.

Warranty Coverage for Hard Wired & Installed Signs -

Bulbd Neon bears no responsibility for any costs incurred when installing and/or uninstalling your sign. If, in the unlikely event that your sign is experiencing a presumed fault, we will request photos and videos for diagnostic purposes and may require the sign to be sent back to us for replacement or repair. If you have chosen to have your sign installed and/or hard wired, Bulbd Neon takes no responsibility for any costs incurred due to uninstalling and/or re-installing your sign. If your sign has been hardwired in by an electrician it is at our sole discretion to decide if the occurring fault is covered under our 12 month warranty.

If you still have questions please get in contact with us as we are more than happy to help!

If you intend to use your sign outside please let us know whilst ordering your sign. Our outdoor signage range comes with an IP67 waterproof rating. We will apply a clear waterproofing sealant glue which will be visible when the sign is turned off however not visible when powered on. We also highly recommend a clear acrlic box for signage which will be mounted outdoors and heavily exposed to wet conditions and harsh weather.

Our standard LED neon signs are indoor signs that can be used at outdoor events, parties, etc... provided it is for short periods in safe weather, and do not get wet. Please note that our standard signs are not waterproof and should not be exposed to wet weather, extreme heat or cold.

The cost can vary depending on the font, sizing, design complexity, and the total length of Neon used.

The larger the sign and the more detail in your sign, the more material we will need to make your sign. Therefore simply put, the larger and more detailed your design is, the more expensive it will be.

wide range of colours

These are the 21 bright colours we have available for you to choose from for your custom neon sign!

We also have an RGB colour option, which allows you to change the colour of your sign via remote control!


This is a rough size guide to help decide what size you want your sign!


BEDROOMS: 50 - 100cm

SHOPS/OFFICES: 100 - 200cm

WEDDING/EVENT: 100 - 200cm